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Oh Hey Grace

Dome Burner

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Introducing our Dome Burner with intricate cut-out window details that create a unique and mesmerising miniature world. Designed to hold an incense cone, as it burns, watch the smoke billow from the windows, creating a calming atmosphere in your space. The Dome Burner can also hold a tea light candle, allowing light to be projected from the windows.

Handmade with love in Melbourne, our Dome Burner comes in a variety of glaze options to fit your style. Choose from Speckled Cream, Speckled Grey, Terracotta, Rust, Sand, Black, Lunar, or Burnt Terracotta. Each piece is truly one of a kind due to the unique and handcrafted nature of ceramics. Please note that when burning a tea light candle, the lid will get quite hot, so care must be taken when removing it.

Complete with a separate dish, our Dome Burner is an excellent addition to your home decor or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Order now and experience the peaceful atmosphere it brings to your living space.

The piece comes in a number of glaze options and features a separate dish.

Speckled Cream: finished with a creamy matte glaze with a light speckle

Speckled Grey: this colourway has been left raw to highlight the speckled clay.

Terracotta: this colourway has been left raw to highlight the orange terracotta clay.

Rust: this colourway has been been finished with a rust lava glaze on a terracotta base.

Sand: highlighting the natural look and feel of the clay, this piece is left raw and has a creamy colourway with dark specks throughout. 

Blackthis colourway has been left raw to highlight the black clay

Lunar: silver tones with a lava glaze over a cream base

Burnt Terracotta: a deeper terracotta colour - placed in a warmer part of the kiln to enhance the rich deep red colour. 

Each piece is lovingly handmade in Melbourne resulting in a truly unique and one of a kind product, however due to the handmade nature of ceramics, please allow some slight variations in finish and size.

Approximate dimensions 8cm x 8cm

Please handle with care. This product is water safe and a gentle hand-wash is advised.


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