Celebrating a year in the studio!

Celebrating a year in the studio!

It's almost a year since I moved into my new(ish) ceramic studio with my pottery pal Alana from Usagi Ceramics. Time flies when you're having fun and navigating lockdowns! In between COVID restrictions, Christmas madness, and various exhibitions and events, we transformed a concrete box into our leafy pottery studio in Melbourne. One of these days I'll have to put together a little post or video about what makes a studio function smoothly (there's still so much we need to do!) But for now, the space is a home away from home, and is the perfect peaceful place to build little worlds. Scroll down to see some progress photos! 

We made it a goal to have separate areas to create our work featuring two large tables for hand-building, and our own separate throwing area. We started off with one kiln, and then recently moved to a second (which after much drama, is finally in working order!) We're lucky to have a mezzanine in the studio, so we have kept this as a clean area for admin with a couch, and photography space. Below is our glazing space, which is partially blocked off making it safer to keep dust levels low. I've documented some pictures below, starting with what it looked like when we first arrived, compared to how it looks now. The transformation is so fun to see! 

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